We are deeply saddened by the death of our dear friend and colleague, Dr. Mahmood Najmabadi on Tuesday May 16, 2000 (27 Ordibehesht, 1379). He was a life member of the Iranian Academy of Medical Sciences.

Dr. Najmabadi was born in Tehran, in the Haj Sheikh Hadi Quarter. He was raised in a renown religious and educated family. His great grandfather, Ayatollah Sheikh Hadi, was one of the honorable scholars of the Ghajar era.

After finishing primary and secondary school in Tehran, he entered Madresse-ye Teb (School of Medicine), where he graduated with a Doctorate degree in 1929 (1308 Solar Hegira). He then went to France for further studies where he received a Pharmacy Doctorate from the University of Paris. In addition, he pursued courses in various branches of medical sciences and obtained a number of certificates from that University.

Returning to Iran, he practiced medicine in Ghouchan, Khorasan, a northern county in Iran. He later moved to Tehran, where he worked in the Ministry of Health. During the ensuing years, he served in that Ministry as the director of several hospitals in Tehran. At the same time, he became a faculty member at the newly-reformed School of Medicine of the Tehran University. In 1958, he retired from the Ministry of Health, and fully dedicated himself to scientific work and taught the history of medicine at the Medical School. Soon he became an expert in Iranian traditional medicine. In the course of his scientific and research activities and thirty years of teaching, Dr. Najmabadi was a tenured member and took office in a number of scientific associations in Iran and abroad. He was a member of the International Association of Medical History for close to 40 years and served as the vice president of that association for four years. He was also a member of the American and Italian Societies of Medical History. Dr. Najmabadi’s achievements are recognized through numerous honors and medals. In 1929, he was the first recipient of the Scientific Medal from the Ministry of Education, a recipient of the Culture Certificate from the Ministry of Culture, and a recipient of the Chevalier de legion d’honeur from France.

Professor Najmabadi authored many books and articles and commented on several ancient Arabic books written by great Iranian scholars. His publications include a study of the life and works of Rhazes, a history of Iranian medicine in three volumes, and several articles in the Medical World Journal about Rhazes, Ebn-Sina (Avicenna) and others. The Medical World Journal was a unique quarterly journal in the field of Medical History. He edited and published the journal for thirty years.

The death of this great scholar, researcher, historian and teacher was a great loss to the Iranian medical community, in particular for the Iranian Academy of Medical Sciences. We will miss Dr. Najmabadi and his devotion to his country and to science and we offer our most sincere condolences in this time of grief to his family, friends and colleagues around the world.

M. Bahadori, MD,
Department of Pathology,
Tehran University of Medical Sciences,
Tehran, Iran

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