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Bioethics in Iran: Legislation as the Main Problem
M. R. Zali MD, S. Shahraz MD, Sh. Borzabadi MSc   

Original Articles

Relapsing Fever in Ardabil, a Northwestern Province of Iran
S. Arshi MD, A. Majidpoor MD, H. Sadeghi MD, M. Asmar PhD, D. Emdadi MSc, M. H. Derakhshan MD 141

Carriers of Group A b -Hemolytic Streptococcus among an Adolescent Population in Tehran
N. Taghavi MD, H. Sarmadian MD

Prevention of Preeclampsia by Low–-Dose Aspirin or Calcium Supplementation
A. A. Taherian MD, A. Taherian, A. Shirvani

Drug Discontinuation in Epileptic Children: Predictive Value of the EEG
M.R. Najafi MD, B. Tamizifar MD

Serum Concentration of Chromium in Head Injury Patients
H. Eskandary MD, N. Nowbari MD

Association between Sex Hormones in Human Breast Milk and Infant Growth and Development
M. Messripour PhD, A.A. Forooghi--Abary PhD, F. Dashti-Ardakani MSc

Silver Sulphadiazine and Fundermol in the Topical Treatment of Burn Wounds: an Experimental Comparative Study in Rats
A. Rastegar Lari PhD, R. Alaghehbandan MD

Comparison of Neutrophil Function in Thalassemia Major Patients and Healthy Controls Higher Aminoglycoside Resistance in Mucoid Pseudomonas aeruginosa than in Non-mucoid Strains
M. Shaiegan PhD, J. Abdee MSC, M. Zaman–-Vaziree MSc, A. Khajehian MScet al

Experimentally Induced Exencephaly and Spina Bifida in Mice
A. Fazel PhD, M. Jalali PhD


Brief Overview of the Status of Drug Abuse in Iran
A.Mokri MD

Clinical Note

Multiple Sclerosis: A Risk Factor Analysis in Iran
Gh. A. Yousefi Pour MD, A. R. Rasekhi MD

Case Reports

Oral Mucosa Myiasis Caused by Oestrus ovis
R. Hakimi DMD, I. Yazdi DMD

Dermatosis Papulosa nigraNigra: Report of a Case in White Female and Her Family Member
M. Shaheedi MD, H. Naseh-Ghafoori MD

Parapharyngeal Hydatid Cyst: Report of a Case
M. Khajavi MD, M-E. Yarmohammadi MD

Short Communication

Effect of Gastrointestinal Bleeding on the Sensitivity of Diagnostic Tests for Helicobacter pylori Infection
Sh. Dowlatshahi MD




A. Pourshams MD, M. Yaghoobi MD, A-R Soroush MD, B. Mohebbi MD, M. Sotoudeh MD, R. Sotoudemanesh MD

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