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Antimicrobial resistance of Helicobacter pylori isolates from Iranian  adults and children 

F. Siavoshi, F. Safari, D. Doratotaj, G. R. Khatami, G. H. Fallahi, M. M. Mirnaseri



Epidemiologic situation of human immunodeficiency virus (HIV/AIDS patients) in a private clinic in Tehran, Iran


A. Ramezani, M. Mohraz, L. Gachkar



Epidemiology of hepatitis B, hepatitis C, and human immunodeficiency virus infecions in patients with beta-thalassemia in Iran:

 a multicenter study  

S. Mirmomen, S. M. Alavian, B. Hajarizadeh, J. Kafaee, B. Yektaparast,

M. J. Zahedi, V. Zand, A. A. Azami, M. M. A. Hosseini,

A. R. Faridi, K. Davari, B. Hajibeigi


Silent liver diseases in autopsies from Forensic Medicine of Tehran   

R. Sotoudehmanesh, M. Sotoudeh, A. Ali-Asgari, B. Abedi-Ardakani,

S. M. Tavangar, A. Khakinejad, Z. Sadeghi, R. Malekzadeh



Prevalence of growth and puberty failure with respect to growth hormone and gonadotropins

secretion in beta-thalassemia major  

H. Moayeri, Z. Oloomi



A fast and easy nitroblue tetrazolium method for carrier screening and prenatal detection of

chronic granulomatous disease   

M. Ayatollahi, Z. Tabei, M. Ramzi, S. Kashef, M. Haghshenas


Flexing the neck relieves tension on cervical esophageal anastomosis  

N. Pirmoazen, M. Seirafi, M. Javaherzadeh, F. Saidi


Application and usage of tactile aid in Iran 

A. Karimi-Yazdi, A. A. Sazgar, A. Nadimi-Tehran, A. Faramarzi,

F. E. Nassaj, S. Yahyavi


Coarctoplasty with self-expandable stent implantation for treatment of coarctation of aorta in adults  

A. M. Haji-Zeinali, M. Ghasemi


Repair of ebstein anomaly: early and mid-term results  

H. Radmehr, M. Salehi, S. K. Forouzan-Nia, S. A. Emami,

S. J. Mirhoseini, M. Sanatkarfar


Health-related quality of life in patients with chemical warfare- induced chronic obstructive pulmonary disease 

D. Attaran, M. Khajedaloui, R. Jafarzadeh, M. Mazloomi


Hypocalcemia in healthy young girls in Tehran   

H. Dahifar, A. Faraji, A. Ghorbani, F. Mousavi, S. Yassobi


The prevalence of pain among residents of nursing homes and the impact of pain on their mood and quality of life  

A. Asghari, N. Ghaderi, A. Ashory



·       Review Articles

Attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder: etiology and pharmacotherapy  

A. A. Noorbala, S. Akhondzadeh


Genetics of hereditary nonpolyposis colorectal cancer  

S. M. Akrami



·       Systematic Review

Percutaneous needle aspiration, injection, and reaspiration with or without benzimidazole coverage for

uncomplicated hepatic hydatid cysts  

S. Nasseri-Moghaddam, A. Abrishami



·       Brief Reports

Treatment of borderline personality disorder with olanzapine  

S. Shoja-Shafti



Flow cytometric evaluation of red blood cell chimerism after bone marrow transplantation

in Iranian patients: a preliminary study  

M. Shaiegan, E. Hadjati, M. Aghaiipour, M. Iravani, G. David, D. Bernard 



·       Clinical Note

Loop ileostomy (decompression type) using polytetrafluroethylene  

 S. V. Hosseini, H. R. Abbasi, O. Dasmeh, S. Bolandparvaz 



·       Case Reports

Preserving fertility in invasive cervical adenocarcinoma by abdominal radical trachelectomy

and pelvic lymphadenectomy  

M. Hatami, G. Del Priore, S. G. Chudnoff, G. L. Goldberg


Shared psychotic disorder between a girl with her mother and younger sister (Folie a trois)  

F. Ranjbar-Kouchaksaraei, G. R. Norazar, A. Mohaghghegi


Heterotopic neuroglial tissue causing upper airway obstruction in a newborn  

N. Azarpira, M. J. Ashraf, B. Khademi


Anterolateral fracture-dislocation of lumbosacral junction  

E. Ghaiem-Hasankhani, M. T. Peivani, R. Abdi


Asymptomatic intracardiac thrombus in a child with nephrotic syndrome 

F. Mortazavi, M. Samadi


Results of the repair of aortic false aneurysm 

S. H. Ahmadi, N. Movahed, K. Abbasi, H. Soltaninia, A. R. Amirzadegan,

M. Najafi, S. Shirani, M. Marzban, A. A. Karimi, S. J. Mirhoseini, M. Sanatkarfar



·       Opinion

“The metrics of the physician brain drain” 

F. Saidi



·       Photoclinics  

V. Hosseini, S. Merat, J. Mikaeli


·       History of Contemporary Medicine in Iran

In commemoration of Dr. Mostafa Habibi-Golpayegani (1904 – 1948):

pioneer of  modern pathology in Iran  

M. H. Azizi, M. Bahadori



·       Meeting Report

Esophageal and cardia cancer summit: report of the first meeting   

S. Nasseri-Moghaddam, R. Malekzadeh



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Peer review in medical journalism  

M. H. Azizi


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S. Shahraz


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